Thursday, April 3, 2008

How Has Technology Made Your Life Better Or Worse ?

This Is A Technology Time !

This is a technology time. Every thing now work by computer or anything electronic. Let's take computer for example. The first computer in the world. It was very large and use spacial operating system. With the time technology growing up. It came small and very fast. Why technology very important this time ?. This time people very busy and they have a lot of information. They are need the fast way to send information and save it. The technology gave all people every thing they want. The technology this time in every where and every time. We see some time when we are woke to any where. The electronic thing in street or around it. Also in the work we use technology, like tell pone, fax, and of course computer. The computer the import thing now which technology made. Now if we see the computers it is very different than before. Now it is very small than before and very fast than before. However, who now didn't use any thing by technology. All of people the used and using technology. Also me this time when I am writing this blog I using technology. Because this is technology time. I think shore it is made our life better.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

What I Would If I Have 1 million $

The bigest vacation on the ocean
If I have one million dollars. I would to take long vacation, and going to the ocean. I would to smial fresh air and feel of the sun. I would to bay the biggest and buotaful boat. I would to relax on my boat, and smial the the ocean air. I would to go alone no bady with me. I don't want noiz in this vacation. I would to take rest and leson to slow music. I would to sit there, a long time I can. I would to aruond to the world by boat.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Circle Of Friends

My Olds Friends

they are my friends from my area which I leve there. We both grew up in one area. We were share same thing form favared. We were study in one school, some of them with my class and some in other class. We used to play soccer every day. After that, more of them have gone to live in other area more than three years. One of the day when I Woke, I saw one from my old groub. I go with him to my hous. We took abuot haw we came back our groub or our best friends. He Know more of them whare they are lives. We are contact with them. Both of us had agrement from them to make littel party. In the party we are toke to gather for the things we used to do. Some of them has amary and he get his son with him. some of them study in university. Some one else has work. I am and my friend who made the party we both happy for this meet. Finaly, we cumbare the cell phone numbers for more contacts and still togathers.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Saudia Arabia Food

Kabsa Or Mfatah

If you visit Saudi Arabia, you must try some of the Kabsa or Mfatah. Actually, there are differences between them. Kabsa is a kind of basmati rice or maza rice and arabic spicey. Also meat or chikean as you like. It is made by spiceal way. After that, they are but it in big plate or big duches. Kabsa take red color or some time white with red. Saudis likes to eats it in lunch time. Mfatah is a spiceal thing. They made it just in the big barty or if they meny visitor form family or friands or in the wedding. It is kind of basmati or maza rice and meat. The rice cooks saberit with arabic spice and the meat saberit with arabic spice in side the cook. Mfatah take yawlo with white color. They are made big pieces of cheep or camael meat. After that, they but the rice in very big plate and the meat on the rice. But Mfatah is always in diner time, sometimes in lunch. But it is not for one persone, it is for groub. You can eat Kabsa alone or with your friends or with your family. The obesite with Mfatah, you need resone for do it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Family members

Family members
When we were kids, my younger brother and my younger sister used to fight together every day. When I was in my contery I woud tell him no fight any more today,you are brother and the brother never fight. They said, we used to play not fight, but now you would almost think wrong abuot as. In these days they used to play together nice games like vedio games,ride bike and meny other games. Back then, they would happey becuoce they feel better. Today, I used to call him four time in the months. Now,I feel better than before. But,I would remamber the time when we are togather. I used to get them to beach and play every weekend. I would do that always. In this days,I cant do that becuoce I farther for them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome To My City

Half Moon Beach

In east area in Saudi Arabia. There are a longest beach in this area. It is araund 5 or more kilometer long. It is the biggest and the more buatoful beach, not just in the east area put in all Saudi Arabia. More pepole came to enjoied,swom and camps in the beach at the Summer. The name of Half Moon becoase if you look from the farester place, you will see the beach like the half of moon in really. In other side of the beach there are mountains,but not from rock it is really highest mountan in area. Many pepole come to see the four weel cars when it cross the mountan. So,the beach have a diffrent kind of fun. If you come with your family or friends. Some pepole came to rent JT ski or boot and have fun for that. Also in other side from the beach,they are moterbices and hourses. meny pepole come to racing there.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

camping in the beach

We arrived last year to camping and fishing in the far long beach in saudi arabia. This area no mutch pepole came to it, because thay are no have any station of gas or place for food or water, so we taken all stuff befor arrived , after four hour from the the hard and defficult way we stoped. We made the camp in good place. I descovered the sea water to chace it. It was really dark pluo and deep. After that we kooked some food because we were so hangrey. After the rest we moved to fishing work.
One of my friends disorgonized. He made avery thing for fishing work. The night was very butoful it was quiat and the stars in the skay have been amiazing with the sea saund. In the next morning we caught alot of fish from diffrunt size . We have been parpicuo some of these fish . We have been drunk tea after eat and lissoned to music. We have been slept in the next night. We have been movet to home after one week from quite and butoful long beach and suny wether .