Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome To My City

Half Moon Beach

In east area in Saudi Arabia. There are a longest beach in this area. It is araund 5 or more kilometer long. It is the biggest and the more buatoful beach, not just in the east area put in all Saudi Arabia. More pepole came to enjoied,swom and camps in the beach at the Summer. The name of Half Moon becoase if you look from the farester place, you will see the beach like the half of moon in really. In other side of the beach there are mountains,but not from rock it is really highest mountan in area. Many pepole come to see the four weel cars when it cross the mountan. So,the beach have a diffrent kind of fun. If you come with your family or friends. Some pepole came to rent JT ski or boot and have fun for that. Also in other side from the beach,they are moterbices and hourses. meny pepole come to racing there.

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