Thursday, April 3, 2008

How Has Technology Made Your Life Better Or Worse ?

This Is A Technology Time !

This is a technology time. Every thing now work by computer or anything electronic. Let's take computer for example. The first computer in the world. It was very large and use spacial operating system. With the time technology growing up. It came small and very fast. Why technology very important this time ?. This time people very busy and they have a lot of information. They are need the fast way to send information and save it. The technology gave all people every thing they want. The technology this time in every where and every time. We see some time when we are woke to any where. The electronic thing in street or around it. Also in the work we use technology, like tell pone, fax, and of course computer. The computer the import thing now which technology made. Now if we see the computers it is very different than before. Now it is very small than before and very fast than before. However, who now didn't use any thing by technology. All of people the used and using technology. Also me this time when I am writing this blog I using technology. Because this is technology time. I think shore it is made our life better.

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