Sunday, March 30, 2008

What I Would If I Have 1 million $

The bigest vacation on the ocean
If I have one million dollars. I would to take long vacation, and going to the ocean. I would to smial fresh air and feel of the sun. I would to bay the biggest and buotaful boat. I would to relax on my boat, and smial the the ocean air. I would to go alone no bady with me. I don't want noiz in this vacation. I would to take rest and leson to slow music. I would to sit there, a long time I can. I would to aruond to the world by boat.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Circle Of Friends

My Olds Friends

they are my friends from my area which I leve there. We both grew up in one area. We were share same thing form favared. We were study in one school, some of them with my class and some in other class. We used to play soccer every day. After that, more of them have gone to live in other area more than three years. One of the day when I Woke, I saw one from my old groub. I go with him to my hous. We took abuot haw we came back our groub or our best friends. He Know more of them whare they are lives. We are contact with them. Both of us had agrement from them to make littel party. In the party we are toke to gather for the things we used to do. Some of them has amary and he get his son with him. some of them study in university. Some one else has work. I am and my friend who made the party we both happy for this meet. Finaly, we cumbare the cell phone numbers for more contacts and still togathers.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Saudia Arabia Food

Kabsa Or Mfatah

If you visit Saudi Arabia, you must try some of the Kabsa or Mfatah. Actually, there are differences between them. Kabsa is a kind of basmati rice or maza rice and arabic spicey. Also meat or chikean as you like. It is made by spiceal way. After that, they are but it in big plate or big duches. Kabsa take red color or some time white with red. Saudis likes to eats it in lunch time. Mfatah is a spiceal thing. They made it just in the big barty or if they meny visitor form family or friands or in the wedding. It is kind of basmati or maza rice and meat. The rice cooks saberit with arabic spice and the meat saberit with arabic spice in side the cook. Mfatah take yawlo with white color. They are made big pieces of cheep or camael meat. After that, they but the rice in very big plate and the meat on the rice. But Mfatah is always in diner time, sometimes in lunch. But it is not for one persone, it is for groub. You can eat Kabsa alone or with your friends or with your family. The obesite with Mfatah, you need resone for do it.